Company Location Leipzig, Germany
Company Website
Legal Form UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Founding year 2017
Employee count < 20
Contact person name Florian Bontrup
Phone number +491781331593
Street name c/o SpinLab–The HHL Accelerator, Spinnereistraße
Street number 7

Image you could simply text with your health insurance and get help e.g. to find a doctor - or find about symptoms you are having. DOCYET develops solutions like these for the healthcare system - all based on our unique AI technology.  Because when patients text, at the other end of the chat there is sitting a computer. Just think of Siri for health.

Our goal is to develop and train algorithms that know which option would help a specific patient best in any situation. Sounds interesting? Come and talk to us about how you could become part of our vision.

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