Company Location Stuttgart / Leipzig / Shanghai, Germany
Company Website
Legal Form GmbH
Founding year 2017
Employee count < 5
Contact person name Matthias Riedel
Phone number +49 (0) 152 33810465
Street name c/o SpinLab Spinnereistrasse
Street number 7

We simplify independent living of alone living elderly

With RICA we develop a service that improves the peace of mind of caregivers and at the
same time keeps the independence of the alone living elderly without the
user acceptance burden to learn about or adapt to a new technology.

RICA solution is autonomously and continuously self-learning the daily living pattern of the elderly in their home based on sensor technology that remotely aggregates the user's movements. After an initial self-learning phase, the level of the deviation of the daily routine is continuously condensed into a color message and transmitted via IoT technology to the caregiver site. This color message is then
illuminating a lamp based on the received color or optionally displayed on a smartphone.

What makes RICA unique in the field of state of the art aging at home  IoT technology is that neither caretaker nor the caregiver has to interact with the given technology. There is no need for configuring any
alarm levels or requiring the skillset how to use a smartphone.

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