Company Location Leipzig, Germany
Company Website
Legal Form GmbH
Founding year 2014
Employee count < 5
Contact person name Noah Lorenz
Phone number +4917634360673
Street name Spinnereistrasse
Street number 7

mementor offers an evidence based online sleep training to treat insomnia

Currently 1 in 3 adults have sleep problems and 1 in 10 meet diagnostic criteria for insomnia disorder.  The negative consequences of a sleep disorder include an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, anxiety disorders and depression. It is estimated that only about 1-5% of the people affected get professional treatment even though very effective non-pharmacological therapies exist.

With our digital sleep training "mementor somnium" we offer people suffering from insomnia a fully automated, evidence-based treatment at any time and place.

In order to facilitate access to our product for as many patients as possible, we cooperate with health insurance companies and employers.  So far, we have managed to close long-term cooperations with the biggest health insurance companies in Germany and Switzerland (Techniker Krankenkassen and CSS).



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