For applicants

Applicants can use the job board and Talentpool for free.

For startups

We offer startups access to our job board, application management system & talentpool for an all inclusive fee of 749 Euro per year (netto).*

This includes:

  • posting of unlimited jobs at
  • an application management system for unlimited applicants
  • a configurable widget that you can include on the career section of your website
    • the widget shows all your current job openings on your website
    • the widget allows applicants to apply without leaving your website
  • access to the Talentpool, a database of candidates interested in working for startups
    • the candidates have either been recommended by other startups or applied directly for the talentpool
    • you have access to their resumes and can search the database (e.g. only search for interns etc.)
  • an employer branding profile at

Why signup?

  • SpinLab is the startup accelerator in central Germany and therefore a well-known and trusted address for all things entrepreneurship in Leipzig and surroundings.
  • We rank under the top Google search results for candidates looking for “startup jobs leipzig”.
  • We have helped the SpinLab startups source and hire several talented software developers, experienced managers and committed interns over the past 12 months.
  • We aim to provide great value at a price that is less than one job ad at one of the major job boards.

Interested? Signup today for a free 30-day trial: Registration for employers

If you have any questions, please contact Matthew McDermott (T: +49 341 – 355785-70; E:

* A membership for startups is always valid for the period of one year and automatically is extended by one additional year, if the membership has not been cancelled. Cancellation is possible at the end of the membership period. Cancellation must be communicated in written form no later than 14 days in advance of the end of the membership period. Refunds for unused periods of the membership are not possible.